How Technology, Digital Estate Planning Affects Us After Death

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The digital landscape has so fully encompassed our lives that the online services we use even affect us post-mortem. We have bank accounts, emails, social media profiles, digital music and movies, assets in cloud storage, media subscriptions and dozens of other digital products that are entwined in our identity and digital legacy. And while these … Read more

Mental-health apps have pros, cons for caregivers

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Mental illness is among the most widespread ailments in the United States; 43.8 million U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. With innovative surges in mobile health care (mHealth), people are turning to their smartphone, tablets and other mobile gadgets for self-treatment and supplemental treatment for others. But the efficacy of these applications and devices … Read more

Valuing time more than money may make you happier

As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. A 2012 study by the American Psychological Association correlates that idea, and a recent research by Cornell shows that experiences make people happier than gifts. Now another study expands on the idea. Expansive research by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology shows that people who value … Read more

HIPAA Policies Fail to Protect Patient Privacy: ProPublica research

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When we visit the doctor, hospital or pharmacy we are letting strangers know intimate details about our lives. We trust that these people are professionals and that they’ll be discrete in handling our medical information. But in the electronic age, it’s easy for our protected health information to be disseminated among unauthorized people. The American … Read more

Workplace diet programs can reverse prediabetes: Study

Diabetes is a tricky disease to tackle, but a new study shows that somebody’s likelihood of contracting the illness can be lessened through a work-based dietary intervention program. The study, which was published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease and led by researchers at Ohio State University, involved 69 employees who are at-risk for prediabetes. … Read more

New study: Walking desks superior to sitting for mental, physical health, work productivity

Walking desk

Working at a traditional desk for long periods of time can leave workers feeling lethargic, stiff and distract them from the tasks at hand. Practically anybody who has worked a typical office job can attest to this. Often the solution is to stand up, stretch, take a quick walk or get some form of basic … Read more

New study shows implanted human stem cells are still safe 3 years later

Research recently published in the medical journal The Lancet, gives documentation on the medium to long-term safety and immune system tolerability for clinically using human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) in human patients. The stem cells were implanted in 18 patients who had different forms of macular degeneration, and the transplants are deemed to still be safe three … Read more

Our supply of effective antibiotics is rapidly dwindling

In a wide-scale scenario, antibiotics losing efficiency in consequence of patient and doctor negligence would force unwelcome changes in almost every aspect of medical practice. As the threat of bacterial “superbugs” grows ever more likely, and pharmaceutical companies stop producing new antibiotics because they don’t yield high profits, the concerns some have over the current … Read more